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New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest
To view detailed information on recreation sites in the Lincoln National Forest, select a site from the scrolling list and then click on the Select button. Or click on a zoom icon in the map to view a detailed map of the forest.

Lincoln: New Mexico Dominating the horizons of South Central and Eastern New Mexico are the foothills and mountain ranges of the Lincoln National Forest. Comprising a total of more than 1.1 million acres, this forest is broken into three separate areas: the Capitan and White Mountains west of Roswell (each also contains a Wilderness Area), the Sacramentos above Alamogordo and the Guadalupes that rise from the desert near Carlsbad. Elevations range from 4,000 to 11,500 feet and day-to-night temperature swings are often extreme under these typically cloudless skies.

Besides the hundreds of miles of scenic drives, of hiking and horseback trails through the vast stretches of pine and fir, the Lincoln National Forest is filled with variety. Smokey the Bear was born here half a century ago. Billy the Kid´s most violent and daring escapades occurred in the village of Lincoln. The sun and the stars are tracked from observatories within this forest. Summer quarterhorse racing is an attraction at 6,800 fot Ruidoso, as are golf, gambling, and downhill skiing on Mescalero Apache tribal lands, which the forest surrounds. And the fishing in mountain lakes, rivers, and streams is as exciting as the scenery.

With its dozens of developed recreation sites – picnic spots, snowplay areas, campgrounds, trailheads, and vistas – the Lincoln National Forest richly rewards those who explore it. Proceed from here to check out its many attractions, and e-mail the New Mexico PLIC with any remaining questions after your virtual tour.

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