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Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Montana
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Site Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, National Wildlife Refuges, MT
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Description: This refuge is the largest in Montana, containing 1,100,000 acres. The refuge includes native prairies, forested coulees, river bottoms, and "gumbo" badlands. Wildlife on the Refuge is as diverse as the topography. Visitors can see Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, pronghorn, prairie dogs, and over 236 species of birds. In fact, if you are traveling with Lewis & Clark in mind, you may see everything they saw except the grizzlies.

The best way to view wildlife is by boat, but you can hike in any area but the elk grounds, and a 20-mile scenic drive offers a quick tour. Between March and mid-May, sharp-tailed grouse perform their mating dances near post #10, and in September, the elk stage their own dramatic mating rituals. Bow hunting and rifle hunting are permitted in some areas. Vehicles are only allowed on open, numbered roads/trails, although you can drive up to 100 yards off an open road to camp using the most direct route. You cannot drive off an open road to look for a campsite, but camping is allowed anywhere except where signed otherwise. The viewing area at Slippery Ann is closed to all public entry for any reason.

Location: From Glasgow, go 18 miles southeast on MT-24.

Address: Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge
PO Box 110
Lewiston, MT  59457
Phone: 406-538-8706

Season: year round

Fee: for some developed campgrounds

Reservations: for Downstream campground: call 526-3224
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 Rental Cabins

Notes: Camping is limited to 14 days in any 30-day period. When the 14 days have expired, you must move off the refuge to camp. Pack animals are allowed anywhere on the refuge. They must be tied/hobbled while in camp. Fenced enclosures may not be used to contain stock. Feed must be certified weed free.

Fort Peck Lake is managed in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers.
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