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Quemado Lake
Quemado Lake
Map: Gila National Forest
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Quemado Lake, New Mexico
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Description: A 130-acre lake at 7600 in a forested area with various campgrounds and dispersed camping for hiking/fishing fun. In the abundance of the Gila National Forest, in southwest New Mexico, nature provided a rich diversity of life. From the high spruce-fir reaches of an eleven thousand foot peak in the Mogollon Mountains where golden eagles play with the wind, down to the semi-arid four-thousand-two-hundred-foot elevation, vibrant with antelope and Chihuahuan and Upper Sonoran desert cacti, there are six distinct "plant communities." The Gila National Forest boasts a rich history of the Mogollon and Apache Indians, Spaniards, Mexicans, ranchers, prospectors and miners. Apache Chiefs Mangas Coloradas, Geronimo, and Victorio, Aldo Leopold: conservationist, ecologist and author of the Sand County Almanac, and renowned lion hunter Ben Lilly are but a few of the personalities from the past that have left their mark in the Gila. Place names like Raw Meat Canyon, Tepee Canyon and Grave Canyon tell the tales of the past. Another unique beauty of the Gila National Forest is its wilderness. The Gila, Aldo Leopold, and Blue Range Wildernesses offer unparallel hiking and horseback riding. The magnificence of these mountainous regions imparts an indescribable feeling of awe and wonderment. Former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas may have captured the feeling when he said, "Wilderness helped preserve man's capacity for wonder ... the power to feel, if not see, the miracles of life, of beauty, and of harmony around us." The Gila Wilderness was established in 1924 as the first designated wilderness in the country. The San Francisco, Gila, and Mimbres Rivers, the Catwalk, Pueblo Park Campground, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Mogollon Baldy, Castle Rock, Eagle Peak Mountain, Emory Pass, and the Burro Mountains are among the many islands of beauty on the Gila. Other areas of interest include Cooney's Tomb, El Caso Lookout Tower, Beaverhead, Reed's Peak, Frisco Hot Springs and Cherry Creek. An ancient culture, the Mogollon, once flourished in the Gila region. The people left their imprint, then passed on, probably around 1300 A.D. Where they went, or why, no one knows. They were, however, impressive builders. In the heart of the Gila Forest, a one-mile loop up a shady canyon leads the modern-day visitor to the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, a forty two-room collection of homes which the Mogollon people constructed in five spacious sandstone caves. Ample opportunities for hunting deer, elk, and mountain lion.

Location: 23 miles south of Quemado via US 60, NM 32 & FR 13   Latitude: 34.1403291   Longitude: -108.4586738

Address: Quemado Ranger District
Gila National Forest
Box 159
Quemado, NM  87829
Phone: 575-773-4678

Season: April-November

Fee: No

Reservations: NO
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Notes: see also Pinon and Juniper Campgrounds, Gila National Forest
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