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Recommended Books & Maps: Wyoming
Forbes Sheep Mountain Wildlife Area
3 Titles

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For help finding the maps you need, visit the Public Lands Map Center and use our interactive Wyoming map indexes to find and purchase the maps you need.
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book cover Map: Medicine Bow National Forest
by Forest Service
This maps shows topographic information, camping and recreation areas, corrals, and other Forest Service facilities. Forest roads and trails are clearly marked. On tear-proof synthetic paper 2010
Forest Service | Item # 060791548X
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book cover Wyoming Wildlife Viewing Tour Guide
by Wyoming Game & Fish Department
Fifty-five fabulous chances to see all the wonderful wildlife Wyoming has to offer. From feeding grounds for elk and bison to wetlands designed for cranes and other waterfowl , with this book as your guide, you are sure to have unforgettable memories. 1996.
Falcon Press | Item # 1-889290-203
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book cover Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas
by Benchmark Press
Latest addition to the company’s road & recreation atlas series. Benchmark's field-checked Landscape Maps clearly depict the terrain, and pinpoint many backroads. The atlas details recreation destinations and opportunities within the state. In addition, the atlas shows public lands and mule deer hunting units. 2008
Benchmark Press | Item # 0929591968
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